What’s a Music Kit?

Music kit is a constructor, which consists of several settled in musical industry parts (sections) of a song, such as: intro, verse, chorus, bridge, outro, etc.

These sections can be easily and quickly connected due to your needs, for example fast opener or slideshow which lasts several minutes.
Sections have audio format – WAV, so it doesn’t matter which program you use (After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Cubase).

Music Kit consists of 2 types of audio-files:

1. With “tails” (has natural ending)
2. Without “tails” (trimmed on the beat)

“Tails” end gradually and naturally. This smooth attenuation provides a smooth transition between sections.

Sections without “tails” are intended for quick sketch and creating track frame. It is necessary if you can’t set tempo value (BPM).

How to build a track?

Track creating:
1. Connect chosen sections without “tails” with binding to tempo.
2. Create 2 tracks, distribute relevant sections with “tails” on them.
3. Delete the track with sections without “tails”

Example of music set arrangement.

If you can set tempo value (BPM) in your program:
1. Set the value BPM according to value in the description of the Music Kit.
2. Create 2 tracks and distribute relevant sections with “tails” on them.

What is included in the music kit?

    1. Music kit includes:
    2. 3 finished versions of the track from description (folder Demo)
    3. files with “tails” (folder Tails)
    4. files without “tails” (folder No tails)
    5. PDF license (Standard or Premium) with a customer’s digital signature.